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Does inclusion really have to rhyme with education?

On the 26th of January, the Youth Inclusion Network had the real pleasure to welcome 2 speakers from the Philippines and 2 speakers from Nepal to discuss the gap between access to education and employment. The great opportunity given by The Learning Planet Festival helped us to raise awareness on this subject.

The Youth speaker have been able to make their voices heard directly from the companies. Companies could share their motivations and their great advice to the Youth. A sharing moment between two words that doesn’t rhyme together, but still implement change in the world.

Some important advices that have been given and mottos to keep in mind :

  • If you are able to find youself, the world will find you

  • If you have a challenge, don't take it negatively

  • Have a dream to chase

  • Don't try to begin at a high position, you can start low and grow stronger

  • Even without education, Youth have a lot of skills and motivation to give to the companies

A huge thanks to :

Jacqui Cuadro from Webhelp/ Think Human Foundation

Debendra Pokharel from Cocina Mitho Chha

Joyce Licuanan from Life Project 4 Youth

Srijana Rai from the STAR Club of Life Project 4 Youth

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