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Corporate survey in partnership with LP4Y

Updated: May 10, 2022

Together with our partner Life Project for Youth we are conducting a study in Asia: What are the professional prospects for the excluded Youth in Asia?

Since 2009 thanks to a strong network of partners, corporate, non-governmental organizations, institutions, and individuals, LP4Y has accompanied more than 3360 Youth in 7 countries across Asia: The Philippines, Vietnam, Indonesia, India, Nepal, Myanmar, and Bangladesh.

As part of our investigation on the economic impacts of the Covid crisis, LP4Y and the YIN would like to understand how companies will manage their HR strategies in order to support the professional integration of the Youth in 2021-2022.

The objective is to analyze the professional opportunities for the excluded Youth in Asia by collecting data per country. A good way for you to stay involved despite the crisis and to be aware of the job market in Asia.

Do you want to take part? Contact us BEFORE SEPTEMBER 28th

Our report will be published in November 2021 and will be presented during webinars bringing together our corporate partners in Asia. You will, of course, be invited!

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