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YIN International Webinar:

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

On June 7th the YIN had the real pleasure to organise its 2nd YIN International Webinar for 2022, on "Companies: diversity & inclusion". The focus being on Youth with disabilities, the Webinar started with a training on sign language by deaf and mute Youth from Life Project 4 Youth, based in Cagayan de Oro (Philippines). The YIN Members also had the opportunity to listen to Mary Janice, PWD (Persons With Disabilities) Employment Officer and Vocational Training Assistant Instructor at Grain Foundation for PWD Inc. (GFPI) and Debendra Pokharel, Founder & CEO, Cocina Mitho Chha. Their two testimonies can be summarized as follows: > Make sure that you hire the Youth for their skills > As a manager it can seem hard to hire deaf and mute Youth at the beginning. However once you will understand them, their understanding and skills will surprise you > Disabled Youth are the right persons for your company, and will make customers more than happy, and surprised/impressed by your commitment to welcome disabled Youth > YOU CAN TAKE ACTION Following these testimonies, the participants were invited in two break out rooms, and worked on two different case studies, to have a better understanding of the action to be implemented to support the inclusion of disabled Youth, as well the benefits and difficulties of including Disabled Youth in companies. Looking forward to new achievements in this field! What’s next? 3 key objectives: > Keep supporting the Youth: Designing, developing and providing meaningful activities and opportunities > New activities for the members: Training for the companies, different webinars, networking events… > Sharing Knowledge with members: Participating to guidelines development through dedicated calls and member events If you want to take action and support excluded Youth, time to join us!

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