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YIN India - OFFBEAT Company Visit

On 24th Nov, 2021, 24 Youths from Life Project 4 Youth from Green Village West Bengal went for a company visit which was organized by Offbeat CCU, in Kolkata. During this visit they were accompanied by their Project Manager for Integration Beauty Khatoon, who is supporting the Youth in their search of professional inclusion, and Project Manager for Mobilisation Julien Drouineau, who is in charge of welcoming new Youth within the Green Village.

The company visit began by an overview of Offbeat CCU (Vision, Mission...) delivered by the founder Meghdut Roychowdhury. He also shared his motivation and had inspiring talks with the Youths.

The presentation was followed by an introduction to sustainable development made by Pauline Laravoire and Aparupa Datta, both working for Y-East, a platform that connects all the individual and organizational actors of the sustainability and social sectors from and for East and North East India. The Youth learned about the importance of a sustainable environment, Y-East missions and daily operations.

After these inspiring presentations, the Youth visited the whole property: cafe, gym, conference room, co-working space, kitchen & store...

The company visit was concluded by a motivational speech from Balbir Singh, Chief of Operations.

The Green Village West Bengal and the YIN are really grateful for the experience and the opportunity given to the Youths, and the great professional exposure they were able to witness!

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