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Learn more about the inspiring story of one of our Member: Cocina Mitho Cha

Updated: May 10, 2022

Original story, translated for you:

Picture from a company visit with Devendra & LP4Y, our founding partner


by LOURDES EVA GOMEZ FOR Bien Up and bodegateatral33

Inspiring people

DEVENDRA Pokharel, he is a dreamer but down to earth, he dreams of a better world for the youth and the people of NEPAL.

With his entrepreneurial gaze and with a strong social profile, he has consolidated humanitarian aid projects in this pandemic, ranging from food donation, food generation and community aid organization.

We communicated from Bien Up with Devendra and from India he gave us this interview.

> How did they organize themselves in the coronavirus pandemic?

With the pandemic, life became very difficult, we who dedicate ourselves to the hotel and tourism school, we want to resume it, that is gradually becoming.

We have the disadvantage that people near the mountain have problems with the river, which rises and falls, and that also causes deaths, this situation extends until all of August. Also with the virus the situation worsens. Access to healthcare is very difficult in this part of India.

We have used a lot of nature to heal ourselves ...

> How did you start dedicating yourself to social assistance?

I contacted an association called NEPAL HERE from Barcelona, ​​it is an NGO that works with 10 orphanages in NEPAL, they had an idea to help here in Nepal, and they focused first on orphanage life and the adoption of children. But it was suggested that after the orphanage life, the young people needed a place.

The big question was after life at school where do young people go.

They thought that these young people could be trained in a Cooking School, that's where I come in, to offer them that I wanted to start a model business to help young people with a school that has a hotel, kitchen and restaurant and that is how Cocina Mitho Cha arises.

> How did this dream come true?

They donated part of the money, and the other part I looked for with friends and another part was put by Cocina Mitho Cha. We started with little money. We started with a single room and a bed. We invited one person and that's how we started.

Today in the lodging part we have 20 rooms. Now we have two houses, one for the kitchen and the other for lodging.

From this undertaking 2,700 young people have been trained here, in the hotel and tourism school, and cooking. Those who have been trained with us today are as waiters or as cooks in Europe or Spain some.

> How are students currently being helped?

Since 2012 we started with this project. From here, students are helped here, they are trained in cooking, bakery, barista - coffee. We not only teach hospitality but we teach for life. Begin to organize for life to get in touch with nature, we teach all that.

> How do you start the sustainable agriculture that you propose?

With friends and clients we started an agricultural cooperative, now with the purpose that adults work in agriculture. This is how we help mountain people.

Now we have started with the coffee plants, we started to organize that the mountain youth who wanted could come to study here, and we are going to buy products in the cooperative, and through Mitho cha, we are going to sell the products, the people From a city that wants to eat natural and mountain food, you can get it here, and with that we generate an economy because we buy from the mountain people and we sell it and that money returns to the town, that's how it circulates ...

> They also promote TOURISM….

We at Mitho cha encourage tourism, now that we can do a little more, with all the protocols, but people like to come to see the different cultures that India has, the temples.

They come to the school and thus also know our project and our students, and they can practice with the arrival of tourists. In turn, those who come to stay can become SPONSORS for the students, and thus also help us to help them, and if they can't SPONSOR… They help us with machinery or furniture, we always find collaboration.

How do you manage to generate this dream and support people in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic?

People came with fear since this began, people also began to die with fear and without coronavirus. Life is always life ... I encourage not being afraid and thinking positively. If you can't go out, you can do something at home, call a friend, cook, etc. But don't watch news ...

I work with the positive, I am with the family, it is a time to share, it has been a very beneficial time, a very good time. We have cooked, eaten and now we are planting, we begin to help people. People who did not have food they came to look for her.

> What message would you leave to those who read in this context that we have to live?

It is very important to look positive. We must take into account the dangers of thought and fear, we must continue with life. If I do not watch the news, fear is over. We must continue life, thinking about projects, we now think about the agriculture project and also in tourism. We help with food, also with medicines and masks.

We are currently working with 10 people, we want to start with food online. We are with the hotel and restaurant course open.

Now we bet on help, we look for credit to continue. We bet on the change in the lives of young people. Many friends help in different ways. All help is welcome.

We are committed to being self-sustaining, all the money that comes in is for the poorest and mountain youth, it is very important to get support to continue with the dream and help.

It is a pleasure to have met Devendra who in these circumstances has opted to help and be positive.

They can contact you and help help your students and people in agriculture.

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