Youth Inclusion Network

Our First objective

Youth: 200 actions before 12/2021

YIN Bangladesh Launching event

The YIN officially opened in Bangladesh on June 24th

Inspiring testimonies allowed the 15 participants to understand YIN benefits on company side and to be sensitized to job market issues in Bangladesh for excluded Youth.

Bruno Vergnes from DMCI (Philippines), who has been working with the YIN since 2017, explained that being a member of the YIN allows the companies to understand where the Youth are coming from, organise meaningful CSR activities with them, take this opportunity to create a particular relationship with the Youth and your team, develop your network and increase the diversity among your company... Numerous reasons to join the network!

Anne-Laure Pedegert, CEO of Fashion Theory shared about the job market in Bangladesh, the discriminations encountered by Youth coming from excluded backgrounds and transgenders, and why working for Youth inclusion was vital. 

The participants could then discuss their experience of Youth inclusion, added values of hiring Youth in their companies, and implementation of new projects in Bangladesh.

We would like to warmly thank our guest speakers and participants, looking forward to supporting the Youth inclusion in Bangladesh together! 

For more information or YIN membership, please contact us. We would be very pleased to answer your questions.


Join us and support Youth inclusion in Bangladesh!