by LP4Y | Published  in April 2021 

The testimony of  Claire-Marie Beyet, Project Manager of the YIN

         by LP4Y | Published  in March 2021 

The testimony of JC Gavijan, Star GV Calauan, Philippines , working for Decathlon (an active YIN member!)

  • Youth Inclusion Network’s Employment Guide

           by YIN Prepare Committee​  |  June 2019


The Employment Guide is a tool created by the YIN to assist the youth who are going to work for the first time. As they move from an excluded background, the youth will have to be familiar with the formal sector when they start to work. The Employment Guide includes simple but important information that helps them navigate their way from the time they are hired, to their time during employment, and up to the time they end employment.

The Pre-Employment portion of the Employment Guide enumerates a lot of information and documents needed to be prepared at the moment the youth is hired. A lot of these are government required forms that is tied to statutory benefits for those on the employed sector. The document also details some of the important company requirements that will help set up the youth when starting to work for a company. Then the portion on During Employment enumerates some of the critical information about pay and benefits. This section is aimed to give a base knowledge on what are the types of employment , as well as the basic benefits they can be entitled to. And in Post Employment, the Employment Guide  gives a list of specific documents the youth can take note of when moving out from the company. They can have an idea on why employments are terminated by companies, as well as the different forms they expect to go through in ending employment.

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        by Ink Writer |  Published in March 2017

Poverty is the most serious and the most unsolved problem of our country.

And worst of all, poverty afflicts the young hopefuls of our population, those who have the potential,

but lack the opportunity to work, to develop their careers, use their talents for their livelihood and self-benefit.

         by Lepetitjournal Manille | Published  in March 2017 

 A very complete and clear article on the YIN Night 2017 in the Philippines. 

        by Chris Schnabel Published in March 2016

The Youth Inclusion Network – a new business club with members like Microsoft, Globe, and Deutsche Bank –

meets several times a year to discuss the best way to help poor Filipino youth,

and drive social business forward.