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YIN Philippines - Training day & graduation ceremony by Webhelp, THF, Coffral & Bolloré Logistics

Updated: Aug 5, 2022

On Friday July 22nd, 100 Youth (75 in person and 25 online), joined a training day, meeting different partners and learning, getting inspired from new skills and experiences. The Youth could also meet, connect and learn from their respective experiences to all grow together.

The day started with the graduation of the Youth who successfully completed the different training sessions offered by Webhelp and Think Human Foundation in May and June. All LP4Y Manila Youth were gathered on one site and those located in Cebu and CDO were connected online. After inspiring speeches, all laureates received their certification (a very important document to attest from new skills for their future job searches) and performed talent shows.

In the afternoon, the 75 Youth in the training room had the chance to meet the Coffral team for a training on the Preparation to interview (See the article Here).

Following this training the Bolloré Logistics teams completed the list of new skills given to the Youth with a training on Corporate Etiquette, reviewing the best tips, does and don't for corporate emails, an essential point for the Youth, who will be able to apply these tips right from their job search.

We would like to thank all our members for this great event and highlights the financial commitment of Webhelp/Think Human Foundation and Bolloré Logistics (from donation to YIN for Bolloré Logistics), without who, this incredible day would not have been possible!

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