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YIN PHILIPPINES - Multiple Company Visits with Bolloré Logistics

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

During the Month of March, the Youth had the opportunity to discover several working places of Bolloré Logistics, benefit from precious insights and discover potential new working opportunities.

On March 10th, 5 Youth from LP4Y Tondo and Taguig, had the opportunity to come to the office of Bolloré Logistics Asia, where 2 Youth from were recently recruited, Jennikka, as permanent employee, and Dina in internship.

The Youth could discover the universe of Bolloré Logistic Asia, through a video and explanations at the beginning of the session. Then, they cold hear testimonies from the 2 Youth in addition to Bolloré's team, who shared their feedbacks, impressions, best tips for the Youth who would like to join the team. The Bolloré team shared especially about what does it means to join Bolloré as an intern, what are the expectations regarding the Youth, as well as enrollment process.

After this rich introduction, the Youth could discover the office, and have discussions with the team members, who shared about their daily work and tasks, working environment, inspirations to motivate the Youth to pursue their dreams!

On March 23th and 25th, 24 Youth could discover 2 of the Bolloré's warehouses, a real discovery for the Youth, who also this way, got aware of logistic management and signification.

The Youth started their exploration by a welcoming session from the team, who presented themselves, then explained more about Bolloré Logistics and the concept of warehouse (from product reception to delivery). Some of the Youth could also benefit from a safety training, getting inspired from the meaningful tips of the team, to improve their own center processes.

After the explanation part, the Youth could discover the warehouses and logistic processes in the most accurate perspective. From job explanations to demonstrations, these visits were a real immersive exploration of the industry, mechanisms and daily operations inside a warehouse.

We would like to thank Bolloré Logistics and entities for all these amazing opportunities to the Youth, who had one objective at the end of these sessions: to become the next Bolloré's team members!

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