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YIN Philippines - Job search seminar with DMCI and Bolloré Logistics

On July 9th, 19 Youth coming from Luzon, gathered in Manila for their annual Job Search Webinar offered by Children of the Mekong

In the morning, the Youth attended 2 training given by DMCI on "Job search and effective resume" and "Preparing for job interview". The Youth, currently undertaking university studies will be soon on the Job market. These training were essential to guide them and understand the best tips, but also important requisites to get their next opportunity and well demonstrate their talents to the recruiters.

In the afternoon, all Youth could practice their new skills through individual mock interview sessions with team members from Bolloré Logistics and DMCI. The teams took time to review the resumes, listen and advice at best each Youth on the way they should highlight their strengths for the next interview their will have. It has been also the occasion for the team to discover interesting profiles for their own companies also!

It was also the occasion for the 2 teams to exchange on practices and impressions.

From this training day, the Youth will be definitely ready to apply and move forward in the work environment. Thank you to DMCI and Bolloré Logistics for their support and taking the time to guide the Youth. We look forward to the next activities together!

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