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Updated: May 10, 2022

Yesterday, the YIN was invited to the “Life Project Plan Presentation” Day of LP4Y Cagayan de Oro, a center welcoming deaf and mute Youth. From service crew to restaurant owner, HR manager or teacher as examples, the Youth shared in sign language their professional ambitions. Different projects but the same incredible energy and motivation, seeing professional opportunities as the real symbol of inclusion inside the society.

For a company, to include deaf and mute inside the team can represent an obstacle at first sight. However, experience demonstrates that hiring them changes this impression to rapidly perceive their inclusion as an opportunity and a big asset for teams: Deaf and mute Youth are full of talents. More than a large collection of soft skills and capability to develop every hard skills, their specific sensitivity, observation skills, attention to their environment, resourcefulness, farsightedness, improved use of their other senses; represent strong strengths to highly perform in many jobs, together with their impressive eagerness to learn and satisfy requirements in every single task they are assigned to.

To start working with deaf and mute Youth, through an internship for instance, will convince all your teams that difference is definitely a force, what led to successful inclusion stories in a large variety of jobs and industries (service crew, customer attention, administrative tasks, inventory, data related jobs, beauty industry, education, and many others).

Support deaf & mute Youth, you will definitely see that they will become essential to your teams!

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