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YIN PHILIPPINES - DMCI Exposure Day & Mock Interviews

On Friday March 18th, DMCI offered their second exposure day, on their Concrete Product Business Unit. 35 Youth joined online to hear from the precious insights and advice from the team.

The Youth started with an introduction from Rebecca Civil, who shared her background and tips, expressing to the Youth for instance, how important it is to work hard to succeed and to particularly appreciate the job that you are doing to evolve.

The Youth then discovered the Concrete Products Business Unit of DMCI and what a Concrete Product is. They could also hear from several testimonies (Concrete technician and Batching plant operator), discovering jobs that could interest them but also potential opportunities for their relatives!

After this morning training, 10 Youth had the chance to train on interviews with DMCI's recruitment team.

The Youth were really thankful for these meaningful opportunities and shared, written or through videos, their thank you message to the team:

"We would like to thank DMCI for the construction training. We learned a lot like how to manage concrete products and what it means. We are thankful for all the explanation and the knowledge we have now about this industry. Thank you DMCI and we look forward to visiting your center next to Taguig!" - LP4Y Taguig

“On Friday, we were very happy to participate in YIN Training with DMCI. We could learn more about the construction industry. Construction is not part of our target jobs but we could see different jobs and tell our families and community about them, so maybe it can help someone to find a great job here in Tondo." - LP4Y Tondo

“Thank you Michelle for this interview. It helped us to practice interview to be ready for the next ones and to enhance our skills, for example, answering to the question 'what are your strengths and weaknesses?'" - Jobrey and Rosalie, LP4Y Taguig

just want to tell you that thank you very much for taking the time to interview and calling me to teach me in my first interview. Thank you for the experience of how and what is done in the interview and thank you also for pointing out what is the right way to fix yourself and for telling me that everything is ok because it's really scary at first." - Jocelyn, LP4Y Tondo

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