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YIN Philippines - 6 certified trainings by Webhelp and Think Human Foundation

On the months of May and June, Webhelp and Think Human Foundation provided the Youth from the Philippines with 6 live certifying trainings about different soft skills in order for them to enhance their skills and support their future inclusion in the professional world. The sessions were given online to offer the opportunity to Youth from all over the Philippines, to learn from Webhelp and Think Human Foundation insights. The team also delivered an hybrid session, being live from LP4Y Taguig center. Some of the sessions were followed by Youth connected from Myanmar and from Youth in LP4Y Lapu Lapu city jail program (first opportunity to attend trainings since 2 years for them!).

With an average of 73 Youth per session (440 participants in total), 119 different Youth were empowered.

The first certification "Customer service and digital litteracy", will be given to the Youth who attended 3 out of the 4 sessions given by the team among May and early June:

> Be Lifelong Learner: From Newbie to Specialist

> How to Accept and Respond to Feedback

> The Art of Determination and Perseverance

> Success in Failure

The second certification " Social Emotional Learning (SEL)" refers to the 2 last sessions given in June. The Youth who completed both of the following sessions will receive a certification:

> Stand Up! Perseverance through tough times

> Self-Motivation: What Motivates Me at Work

The sessions were particularly appreciated for being highly interactive, with examples allowing the Youth to project themselves in the professional world, and simulations for them to practice and apply their learning.

All these trainings helped the Youth work on their self confidence, an essential element in their personal and professional lives, since a large part of the work of the organisations consists in giving confidence to Youth: these Youth lost the view of their value and potential, for being confronted to exclusion and environment making them understand that they won't belong to the decent world due to their background.

The Youth will receive their certificates during a big graduation ceremony gathering all Manila's Youth on July 22nd. This will also be the occasion for the Webhelp and Think Human Foundation team, to meet the Youth and deliver empowerment speech to definitely help them understand that no matter their background, "there is hope" and that "everything is achievable if you work hard for it"!

A deep thank you to the teams for their dedication and time allowed to the Youth. We look forward to welcoming you soon for the graduation ceremony!

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