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YIN GLOBAL - YIN International Youth Webinar with Sodexo

Updated: May 6, 2022

On April 21st, 124 Youth from India, Lebanon and the Philippines, met to discuss, learn and get inspired on this very important topic: How to deal with Job Rejections.

The Youth started the session with a practical exercise about the topic, with different reflections about definitions and several practical situations (after applying, a job interview or even inside the job), to share with co-Youth, their feelings, best tips and practices.

After this off-line exercise, all the Youth met online to put in common the results of their discussions. They could share to others, meaningful advice such as the importance to get the best from the situation, by getting feedbacks or trying to get other opportunities from this one.

After this great practical introduction to the topic, the audience could hear from Raymond Roque and Sheena Kayanan, 2 Sodexo B&R's team members.

Raymond and Sharon shared their stories and experiences, inspiring the Youth, making them consider new perspectives about the positive aspect of this kind of situation, and many practices they will be able to implement to accept the current outcome and to become stronger from it.

As part of them, one key point was the mindset and especially, the importance of remaining positive in order to move forward (greet yourself, use positive vocabulary, do something that makes you happy, ...). They could also describe the different feedback options, the importance of staying in touch with the company for potential further opportunities, how to take advantage of available resources, and the importance of focusing on controllable among many other tips.

In the end, the Youth could understand that, it is important to multiply options to succeed, to keep visualizing the future because it just means that this one was not the right opportunity to them and that being rejected from a job, means better opportunities to come, in companies that will truly believe in their potentials, for fantastic experiences to them!

Thank you again to all the participants and to Sodexo's team! We look forward to our next sessions and activities with all of you!

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