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YIN GLOBAL - International workshops

Updated: May 10, 2022

On June 30th YIN members took part in the international workshops organised by Life Project 4 Youth, on different subjects useful for the Life Project Plans of the Youth (IT/ Data Entry/ Call center; Police/ Security ; Sales/ Customer relations; Health & social; Hotel/ Restaurant/ Tourism ; Accounting / Finance / Banking ; Teaching/ Training and government jobs ; Air hostess; Beauty & Fashion).

Thanks to the mobilisation of our members (D.M. CONSUNJI, INC. (DMCI), Decathlon Philippines, Next is You, Datawords, The Café Mediterranean,…) the Youth were able to understand more about what it really means to work in these fields, and could listen to inspirational Roles Model.

The insights, facts and tips shared will definitely help them in their professional development, orientation, decisions, and we are really grateful for the mobilisation that YIN members have demonstrated for this event!

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