April 29th, 2021: A Webinar will be organized for our members in Nepal, on Economic recovery & involving new and young talents


ECOSOC side-event organized by PL4Y

On April 6th, the President of the YIN, Jérôme Lemouchoux ,CEO of FoodChéri (French subsidiary of Sodexo), concluded the ECOSOC side-event organized by Life Project 4 Youth. He highlighted the key role the corporate world has to play to help the Youth achieve their life project.

Jérome Lemouchoux put forward the difficulties for a company to recruit Youth, to find applicants. This is where the YIN intervenes. Created in 2015 with 5 companies, our network guides companies to engage into the very first step towards the Youth: company visit, training, recruiting interns/full time position… It also allows companies to share their experience/benefit from the experience of others.


Advice from our president: “If you plan to recruit the Youth for charity, for a good CSR approach, it is not enough. If you plan to recruit them because you believe that you will gain something as a company to have diverse people in your workforce, resilient employees with a high level of engagement, then I think you won't be disappointed”


Conclusion: “Working with excluded Youth is not only changing their lives but it would also be a great opportunity for companies. The Youth are resilient, full of energy and have a genuine desire to learn and to grow.”

International Women's Day with Sodexo

On March 10th, Sodexo Benefits and Rewards Services Philippines team provided the Youth Women with a webinar on Women Empowerment.

61 Youth from Life Project 4 Youth and Enfants du Mekong followed this session on Zoom and could hear testimonies from Anna Pardillo (a LP4Y STAR), Sherylen De Villa and Aileen Vismonte, 3 Sodexo B&R employees, who gave meaningful, powerful and impactful speeches to the audience.
From sharing life and work experiences to discussing challenges, advice and visions on women empowerment, each discourse provided each attendee with strengths, inspirations and the conviction that each woman can "shine not just on Women's day but everyday"!


A warm thank you to Claire Caparas, Mitchie Sanchez and all the Sodexo B&R team!


On February 25th (2021) the Youth Inclusion Network in India was launched. Around 40 participants attended the event, including 20 companies.

After a brief presentation of the YIN in itself we had the pleasure to listen to three members' testimonies:

*Jérôme Lemouchoux, YIN Global President & CEO at FoodChéri (Sodexo)

*Rose-Ann Bulay-Og, YIN Member in The Philippines & Admin / Marketing in Monchere Dormitory Services

*Goutam Mishra, Alumni LP4Y Pahar Ganj Center, Referent - Care CTB sports + cardio Equipment - Store manager User Happiness Care at Decathlon

From these testimonies, two main points emerged:

1) Youth inclusion in a company gives courage and hope to Youth, allowing them to improve and learn more about the corporate and professional world.

2) As a YIN member, companies can benefit from a network, share experience and best practices, and benefit from the experience of other companies.

Following these statements, a workshop was organised on “Youth Inclusion: added values and best practices”. Best practices already emerged from these discussions

Thank you again for your participation!

Join us for #youthinclusion


On January 7th 2021, we organised the first webinar gathering the potential members of the Youth Inclusion Network in Nepal. 25 participants attended the event, including 9 companies and 3 institutions. We would like to thank Jérôme Lemouchoux, Nadège Iff, Bina BK and Debendra Pokharel, our 4 guest speakers who shared their experience in Youth inclusion.

We also gathered in different breakout rooms to exchange about:

> Nepalese job market

> Expected skills from the Youth and ways to prepare them

> Advantages to hire Youth and best practices for their integration

Three very interesting workshops from which we will keep good ideas.

October 1st 2020:New orientations for Vietnam

On October 1st, the YIN Vietnam members gathered in Ho Chi Minh City to discuss how to continue to favorise the professional inclusion of the disadvantaged Youth. 
The presentation of the orientations and the action plan for 2020-2021 was done online so all the members could attend. We had the opportunity to listen to the amazing testimonies of 2 Youth from REACH - a non-profit organization partner of the YIN - about the training they are following in Belgo restaurant thanks to a partnership between the two entities. A sign language translator was present so it allowed a deaf Youth to testify about his willingness to work in the food and beverage sector after this great training. 
Thank you to all the participants, and a special thank you to Olivier Pauchard and the Belgo Belgian Craft Beer Brewery team who have hosted the event.


YIN Philippines Night 2018

Video sponsored by CGI and produced by Nic Lim

The YIN welcomes Companies, NGOs, LGUs, international institutions, schools, universities, and local communities to present the YIN’s actions and talk about the professional inclusion of the most excluded Youth. This YIN night is a great moment to learn more on the challenges faced by the Youth to integrate the corporate world and the best practices to include them. They are organized both in the Philippines and in Vietnam.